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What are Eyelash Extensions?
Eyelash Extensions are lightweight, silk/synthetic lashes that come in a variety of lengths, thicknesses and curl types. Lashes are expertly bonded individually on a 'lash by lash' basis to your natural lashes; giving you longer, thicker, more lush lashes. 

What happens at my Lashes Appointment?
At your initial Lashes Appointment we discuss what look you are wanting to achieve, and what your natural lashes will work well with. Your eye shape is then mapped out to determine what style, length and thickness will be best suited. Then a tailor made set is applied. A Fullset of Lashes takes 1.5 hours approximately, where you will be relaxing on a custom designed beauty bed with your eyes closed. This treatment process ensures the finishing result feels weightless, looks seamless & clump-free and is keeping your natural lashes in good condition. 

When should I book in to have them Infilled? 
Infills are recommended 2-2.5 weekly to keep your lashes full & looking their best. At your Infill Appointment your lashes are topped up and grown out lashes removed and replaced. Natural Eyelashes shed and replenish approx 2-3 Lashes per eye each day. With the Lash Extensions being individually applied to each one of your natural lashes they come away with the natural lash when it sheds. After a few weeks your lashes will look less voluminous and some lashes will have grown out and need replacing. Often referred to as 'gappy', this is kept to a minimum with regular Infills. Infill Appointments vary in time, however usually 1 hour is allowed. It is recommended to book in your next Infill Appointment 1-2 weeks in advance to secure your desired day/time. 

Do I need to book in for a patch test before a Fullset of Lashes is applied?
If you are unsure if you'll be suitable for Eyelash Extensions please contact your Ophthalmologist or Blink Studio Technician prior to making a booking. A patch test can be applied if you are concerned. Please note that in rare occurrences, Eyelash Extensions can cause an allergic reaction, which is localised to your eye area. Our treatment process ensures this is kept to an absolute minimum. International standard grade glue with low fumes is used, with the same glue product used in salon since 2009. In conjunction with highly experienced technicians and any queries discussed at the initial appointment, this resolves the majority of eye sensitivities. 

I am getting married, when do you recommend I have a set of Lashes applied? 
A lot of brides have a Fullset of Lashes applied for their Hens Party. This is a great option to ensure the style and length chosen will be perfect for your Wedding day. Also a lot of the time this will mean you will then be wearing lashes for your dress fittings, rehearsal dinners, when the overseas guests arrive ect which is perfect. Any changes can be discussed and amended at your next appointment. For your Bridal Lashes Appointment it is suggested to make it as close to the Wedding day as your schedule allows. For example usually Thursday afternoon/evening for a Saturday Wedding. This ensures your lashes look their absolute best, especially for those close up photos! 

I am heading away on holiday to a tropical paradise, with lots of swimming & water activities. Are Eyelash Extensions a good fit for my trip? 

As much as Blink lashes are pretty durable and easy to wear, i don't think they are going to be a great option if you are in the water a lot, applying lots of sunscreen and basking in high temperatures. Especially chlorine and salt water. However, that being said; if you are going to be vigilant with rinsing your lashes with fresh water & gently drying them after each swim, and accept that they may not last as well, it is down to personal preference. An alternative option is the Blink LVL Lash Lift. 



russian volume lashes

What are Russian Volume Lashes? How are they different to Classic Eyelash Extensions? 
Russian Volume Lashes are applied in the same manner as Classic Lashes, a natural eyelash is isolated and an extension applied. Russian Volume is a hand made fan, consisting of between 2-6 finer weight lashes being made into a fan and applied on to one natural lash. Because finer weight lashes are used no damage to your natural lashes occurs, it is the same weight as applying one Classic Lash extension at a thicker weight. The result is a fluffier, more voluminous look. Russian Volume Lashes are more dense in appearance, and is an especially ideal option for sparse natural lashes. The treatment takes longer to apply than a Classic set of lashes, as the fans are handmade. Please allow 2 hours approximately for a Fullset of Russian Volume. 

I have had Cluster Volume Lashes applied before, is that the same as Russian Volume?
These are two different treatments, and give different results. The Russian Volume look is seamless, light & fluffy and easy to wear. They are made from silk and are hand made, giving the option of 2-6 Volume fans. There is skill and technique involved to master this application. 
The Cluster Volume Lashes are machine made, have a pre bonded base and are usually made from a synthetic material. This can give an artificial look, as the base needs to be glued on top of the pre bonded area, making it appear heavy at the base. They can also cause damage to the natural lash as they are heavier and more rigid, not as comfortable to wear. 

What is a Hybrid set?
A Hybrid set of lashes combines Classic & Russian Volume to give a lighter look than a Fullset of Russian Volume. The Russian Volume Lashes are applied throughout the middle of the eye and then the Classic lashes are feathered through from inner to outer. 

russian volume lash extensions



What is an LVL Lash Lift? Is it different to lash perming? 
The LVL Lash Lift treatment involves lifting, rather than curling the lash, giving a different end result to lash perming. Lifting the natural lashes up gives a dramatic eye opening effect. LVL is a natural treatment, lasting 6-8 weeks.

How do I care for my LVL Lash Lift?
Please do not wet your lashes or use Mascara for 24 hours. Avoid swimming, spas & hot yoga for 48 hours. Please avoid using an eyelash curler (it won't be needed though) A lash tint can be applied at 3-4 weeks. Treat your lashes normally after the initial 48 hour time frame, applying Mascara and washing your eyes is fine. You can have your lashes treated again from 6-8 weeks.

Does the Blink LVL Lash Lift treatment include a lash tint?
Yes, it does! The treatment takes 1 hour approximately, and the results are immediate. Your natural lashes will appear wet after the treatment as they have conditioning serum on them, which you can wash off in 24 hours. After washing & drying your natural lashes they will fluff out as normal.  



caring for your lashes

Please treat your lashes gently, and follow the below steps to keep them in top shape.
An Aftercare Pack is provided at each Fullset Appointment, which includes a Lash Wand & Care Instructions.

  • Although your Lashes are durable they are not designed to be wet. Water breaks down the glue bond and makes the bond brittle, causing excessive loss of your lash extensions. Please keep your lashes dry and out of water, washing your face with a flannel around the eye area is recommended. Tilt your head right back when washing your hair will ensure your lashes stay dry - a few splashes is okay! Keeping them out of water is especially important for the first 48 hours after your appointment when the glue hasn't completely cured.

  • Do not apply mascara to your top lashes, bottom lashes only. Please use a water-based mascara, and gently remove with a cottonbud and Oil Free Eye Makeup remover. 

  • Stay away from Oil Based Eye makeup removers, lash tinting, lash perming, eyelash curlers, makeup wipes & cotton circles.

  • Pulling, tugging and playing with your lashes can cause irritation and breakage - Brushing them in the morning & gently removing your Eye makeup is the only times you should need to touch your lashes.

  • Investing in a Oil Free Eye Makeup remover and a Lash Serum are important to keeping your lashes in top condition. We recommend A.S.A.P Gentle Eye makeup Remover and Revitalash Lash Serum, both of which are available at our Salon. A.S.A.P Gentle Eye makeup Remover is also designed for sensitive eyes and doesn't intervere with the lash extensions at all. Revitalash Lash Serum will maintain your lashes strength, length and thickness so the lash extensions are able to be successfully applied on a long term basis.

  • Should you wish to have your lashes removed always see a Lash Technician, don't try to remove them yourself. This can cause breakage and pulling out your natural lashes, which is avoided when having them removed professionally.

  • Always let your Lash Technician know if you suffer from allergies, skin or eye sensitivites; or if you have any eye conditions that could affect the outcome of lash extensions.


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